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I just want to write a short report plus my own reflection of pecha kucha vol:19. First of all, I`ve been watching a lot of old Marco Pierre White clips on YouTube. The part that strikes me most was him giving up his Michelin Stars and retiring. When asked why, he said he was judged by people with less knowledge than him. Which gets me to think, how am I qualified to record my dining experience for other people? More on that later…

The night was especially special because the guest presenter was Andrew Morrison . He is the man behind Scout Magazine. He talked about the evolution of the food scene dated back to 2001. How Lumiere showcased local talent internationally. How Chambar led to the opening of Bao Bei, L’Abattoir, Café Medina, etc. Geographically, how Yaletown used to be cool. The new hot spot for foodies is the likes of Strathcona, blood alley, and other hidden areas. He shared about his views on how the internet, information sharing, reviews, food bloggers, urbanspooners, yelpers helped revolutionized the food subculture in Vancouver. He has a wealth of knowledge and the Vancouver food scene is lucky to have him promoting it.

Andrew Morrison 0006

Alexandra Gill – Globe and Mail:

Globe and Mail food critic writer for the West. She took us back in time about how she became a food critic. How chefs and restaurateurs feared her presence. I developed an immediate respect for her because she did pay her dues in the kitchen and restaurant to know what it’s like on the other side. She’s been a waiter and learned to cook at cooking schools. She shared a vision of dedicating a full feature discussing restaurants in publications. At first, her peers laughed at the idea but eventually caught on. Now we can even see 24HRs and Metro newspaper doing restaurant reviews.

Julia Spitale / Shera Kelly 0007

Julia Spitale and Shera Kelly – Wheely Show Cooking Tour –

Two ladies travelling across Canada to share their love and passion for music and sustainable farming. They visited host farms and shared cooking ideas with their hosts. I won’t spoil the surprise but I do recommend you checking out their series of webisodes, blogs, etc. They also got me paying attention to a book called City Farm. I’ll do a book review later.

Adam Chandler 0008

Adam Chandler 0009

Adam Chandler – Beta5 Chocolate –

There were lots of LOLS at this event, but this gentleman was solely responsible for the crowd having woos and ah’s as reactions. I felt he was the Steve Jobs of the foodie presentation world. He showcased a lot of his ‘art pieces’ including a pinecone made out of chocolate that he used for competition.  Adam talked about his childhood leading to working for one of the most prestige hotels in Vancouver. He has opened his headquarters in Vancouver.

Jeannette Ordas 0010

Jeannette Ordas – Everyone Likes Sandwiches –

From blogger to blogger, this lady is truly inspiring. Drawn by her passion from art and design, and her love for food, she started


John Neate 0011

JJ Bean – John Neate –

John talked about the history of JJ Bean, which was first started by his grandfather. The previous life of JJ Bean – Neate’s Coffee. I love his philosophy of developing his employees. Everyone starts as a barista and has to work their way up, just the way he did it. Through his level training system, there are currently 16 employees that are shareholders of the company. If there was one thing I’ve learned from John, he stresses on People, Product, and Place. In discussion of Place, he utilizes the talents of an architecture friend Brady Dunlop to reflect on the features of Vancouver. He finished off with a lesson that Product and Place is nothing without People.

Sophie Dikeakos 0012

Sophie Dikeakos – Sophie’s Cosmic Café –

Sophie is an incredibly funny lady. Shared her history in Vancouver. How her first restaurant was actually a Japanese restaurant without Japanese chefs. (Nothing has changed) Started Sophie’s 24 years ago and the change in the Kitsilano area.

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