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CONTEST Win Catelli’s Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains Pasta | Chef Lynn Crawford

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Just the other day we were invited to a special event for Catelli Foods Corporation with Chef Lynn Crawford at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA). Catelli announced a new line of all natural, Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains pasta. Catelli’s Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains pasta is 100% whole grain pasta made from a nutritious blend of Canadian wheat and five wholesome ancient grains: quinoa, teff, amaranth, millet and sorghum. Compared to whole wheat pasta is it way more delicious and nutritious.

Read to the end of the post for a contest to win a year-supply of Catelli® Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains pasta! 

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Aside from Quinoa, I haven’t heard of half the ancient grains mentioned. Chef Lynn Crawford, from the hit Food Network show Restaurant Makeover and Pitchin’ In, introduced us to each set of grains, their nutritional value and showed us how to much sorghum popcorn!


  • Quinoa: Dating back to the 13th century South American Inca Empire, quinoa is high in fibre, protein and minerals – including magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron – and low on the glycemic index.
  • Amaranth: Native to the Americas and prized by Aztec civilization, amaranth is rich in protein, containing all the essential amino acids, key vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron.
  • Teff: Originating in Ethiopia and Eritrea between 4,000 BCE and 1,000 BCE, this poppy seed-sized grain is high in protein, fibre, calcium, thiamin and iron.
  • Sorghum: Domesticated in Northeastern Africa more than 5,000 years ago, sorghum – a good source of vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin and magnesium – is known to support digestive health, help fight cardiovascular disease and help control blood sugar levels.
  • Millet: Cultivated 4,000 years ago from wild West African grass, this nutty-flavoured grain is known to be heart healthy, containing a high level of protein, magnesium and niacin. Alkalizing to the body, millet is considered one of the most digestible and non-allergenic grains available.

Catelli® Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains pasta retails for $3.29 and is available at major retailers in Western Canada. More information can be found at www.catelli.ca .

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Chef Crawford is awesome. Her cooking is animated and full of humor. She likes us on Instagram and so should you!

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Chef Lynn Crawford is a Canadian chef trained at George Brown College in Toronto. She was formerly the Executive Chef at the Four Seasons in Toronto and New York. Chef Crawford is Chef/Owner of Ruby Watchco in Toronto and is famous for her hit shows Food Network Canada’s Pitchin’ In, Restaurant Makeover and is judge of the Food Network Canada’s Chopped Canada.

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Compared to traditional whole wheat pasta which tastes a lot like cardboard, is grainy and just not the same as white pasta; the new Catelli’s Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains pasta maintains a lot of the same texture of traditional pasta. It doesn’t break or become too mushy even when over cooked. The sweet spot to cooking pasta is to cook it 2 minutes less than the instructed time on the package. Finish it off in your choice of pasta sauce.

For more tips check out Top 10 Whole Grain Pasta Cooking Tips from Celebrity Chef Lynn Crawford.

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At the end of the night, we all recreated Lynn Crawford’s recipe. Chilled Noodle Salad with Ginger Wasabi Dressing is a easy to make healthy pasta salad recipe and it so delicious! I’d say I did a pretty good job plating!

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CONTEST: Win a year-supply of Catelli® Healthy Harvest® Ancient Grains pasta!

Contest closes Tuesday April 14th, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and announced Wednesday April 15th, 2015. Good Luck!

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