Cafe D’Lite Express 椰樹林, Richmond (Aberdeen Centre)

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The original restaurant Cafe D’Lite 椰樹林is located on West Broadway near UBC. It has been awhile and I almost forgot about this place since my university days are over (and even before, I only knew how to get there and not by the name itself).

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Cafe D’Lite Express is a sister “restaurant” located inside Aberdeen Centre Food Court – although the original shop still surpasses; this express isn’t too shabby!

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Famous for their boneless Hananiese chicken and rice; they are juicy, tender, and well seasoned. This place does live up to the hype unlike Jethro’s Fine Grub.

Hananiese Chicken Rice
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As mentioned before the Hananiese chicken is juicy and delicious especially when you don’t have to gnaw at the bones. The rice is pretty well seasoned too and isnt too oily. Overall a solid dish. Only time missing is some minced ginger and green onion sauce! It is so delicious to mix into your rice


Laska noodles with Hananiese Chicken
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The broth is very flavorful. It is a strong coconut based curry soup with sambal chili paste and also includes bean curd puffs and bean sprout garnishes. However, it would’ve been nice if it was slightly more spicy. But I understand not everyone can handle that. The noodles itself has a twist of added texture – both vermicelli and regular egg noodles.

Would I return? For sure! Ten bucks gets me a meal plus a ice lemon tea; sounds pretty good. Besides, it seems like a better alternative from oily food court grub…

Cafe D'Lite Express 椰樹林 on Urbanspoon

Cafe D’Lite Express 椰樹林 (Aberdeen Centre)
Cuisine: Malaysian, Singaporean, Food Court
Mon-Wed: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Thur-Sat: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Sun & Holiday: 11:00am – 7:00pm

Unit 3210 – 4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC

Cafe D’Lite 椰樹林
(604) 733-8882
3144 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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