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Bone Broth Latest Health Trend | NYC Hot Soup

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The latest health food craze in New York City is drinking hot bone broth. Despite bone chilling temperatures, New Yorkers are braving the cold, queuing up for a cup of hot soup instead of an ACNE sale. Fashionistas and health conscience individuals are paying $4 to $9 for the promise of healthier skin and nicer hair!

The bone broth at Brodo on 403 East 12th St slogan is ‘rethink your hot beverage’. So instead of that skinny quad shot extra hot latte, option for a cup of low sodium, collagen rich soup made from various animal bones. Option add-in such as Calabrian chili oil or shiitake mushroom tea are available for an extra 75 cents.

But wait…  Welcome to 5000 years ago! The Chinese culture has been drinking soup has part of their traditional diet. My mom, just last night made pork bone soup with chicken feet and a bunch of other nutritious ingredients to ward of wrinkles, boost collagen level, etc.

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Traditional Chinese Soup can be either savory or sweet. Savory soup are mainly determined by its umami flavor. Sweet soups are known for their aroma and mouthfeel. Many soups are consumed for their health benefits to promote and revitalizing and invigorate organs as enhance health-benefiting functions.

Chinese Bone Broth Soup Types

  • Chicken soup for a basic broth. Usually used in herbal soups.
  • Pork soup for long simmered soups for several hours. Usually used with roots, dried herbs and mushrooms.
  • Fish soup for a long simmered soup for sweet umami flavor. White milky broth.
  • White / Clear soup for flavoring noodles, etc.
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I should get my mom to open shop asap!

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