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Best Juice Shops in Vancouver | Cold Press Juices

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2016 you are looking good! So now that you’ve made your New Year’s Resolution for a healthier new you, it is time to kick start your goals! Eating more fruits and vegetables can be hard, but luckily there are several amazing juice bars to help! Here is a list of the Best Juice Shops in Vancouver.

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www.thejuicetruck.ca/ | 28 W 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1H5 | (604) 719-8861

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One of the pioneers in the Vancouver juice scene. You can purchase your juice and smoothie fix both at their Juice Truck and their flagship location West 5th. They support local produce and organic farming practices and bottles the goodness into a cold press bottle for you! Choose from a 3 day, 5 day or 7 day cleanse all delivered to your home. For serviceable areas check their website. Unsure whether or not to start a juice cleanse? Read all about our 3 Day Juice Cleanse with The Juice Truck!

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Nectar Juicery

nectarjuicery.com | 102 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8 | (778) 379-7589

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Nectar Juicery, owner Tori Holmes has finally opened their permanent retail space next door to Prado Gastown and literally steps away from Eastwood Cycle on West Hastings Street and Abbott. Nectar Juicery cold presses organic ingredients into a nutrient rich glass bottle. Grab a bottle after your workout to rejuvenate your body!

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Krokodile Pear

www.krokodilepear.com | 1867 W 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 5B8 | (604) 559-7327 | Multiple locations

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Krokodile Pear now serves you in three locations: Kitsilano, Yaletown and the new Gastown bar located inside new Frank & Oak flagship. This cold press juicery uses local and seasonal ingredients like Okanagan peaches and Fraser Valley blueberries in the warmer months, to BC apples, pears, beets and cranberries in the colder months.

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Up Jus

upjus.com | 108 – 1058 Mainland Street, Vancouver, BC. V6B 2T4 | (604) 762-0729

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Up Jus is relevantly new juice bar in Yaletown off Mainland Street. Their fridge is always stocked with a variety of cold press juices. Green juices like Minty Green (Cucumber, Romaine, Kale, Celery, Parsley, Cilantro, Mint) are great for reduced cholesterol, improve joint and bone support and cardiovascular aid. Their nut milk Black Sesame Mylk (alkaline water, black sesame, dates, vanilla bean, himalayan salt) is pretty awesome too.

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gloryjuiceco.com | 4027 Macdonald St, Vancouver, BC V6L 2N9 | (604) 336-1003 | (Multiple Locations)

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Glory Juice Co Vancouver opened their newest location near Olympic Village on Quebec and West 2nd Avenue. It is just around the corner from Earnest Ice Cream. I am so glad to have Glory Juice Olympic Village opened since it is on the way from from spin classes. There are a lot of fresh organic cold press juices and organic nut milk beverages available. I like that they have samples for tasting and also smaller baby bottles. Glory Juice has a lot wide range of flavors from the green’s green, bright citrus tasting ones to sweeter fruity juices.

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radiclejuice.com | 3088 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3G5 | (604) 879-2639

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Radicle Juice is a fresh pressed juice bar on Main Street, Vancouver. This two story mezzanine, brightly lit space is casual and gets right to business. Radicle Juice is catered to a grab-and-go lifestyle. Radicle Juice offers a wide variety of juices, smoothies, shots and even food. One of the best sellers is their Acai Bowl.

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Commodity Juicery

commodityjuicery.com | 3975 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4E5 | (604) 876-5463

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Commodity Juicery is a juicery located in East Van. Located right next to Earnest Ice Cream, Fraser is getting to be a fairly hip part of town. Commodity Juicery offers a variety of juices, snacks and smoothie.

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www.thejuiceryco.ca | 3570 W 4th Ave Vancouver, BC V6R 1N8 | (604) 558-4131 | (multiple location)

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We’ve been fans of The Juicery Co. since their beginning in North Vancouver. With their third location in Kistilano at 3570 West 4th Avenue, getting fresh cold press juices are easier than before. The Juicery Co. believes that juicing is not a temporary weight loss fad; it’s a life style change. Eating clean and having a healthy exercise regime is essential to our well being – physically and mentally. We’re so excited for the new organic Family Farm.

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www.melujuice.com | 1110 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2S1 | (778) 379-6358

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MELU Juice and Health Bar is a brand new cold press juicery that opened on July 15, 2015 in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. This is the first cold press juice shop in the area and offers a variety of fresh juices, smoothies, detox water and nut mylks. The best part? They have these delicious raw, vegan, gluten free, and guilt free dessert bars made without any added sugars, additives or preservatives! Apart from fresh juices, MELU also offers these amazingly delicious health bars. They are not only raw, vegan, gluten free but also made without baking or heat to maintain the highest nutritional level.

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