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Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Vacation | Mexico Playa Del Carmen

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Greetings from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! I just love doing nothing the Caribbean beaches. I love the nice white sand and warm ocean water. It is so different from the Pacific side! We are staying at BARCELO MAYA PALACE DELUXE Hotel and Resort and this place is beautiful. I love waking up with only vacation on my mind and aqua green waters outside the window.

I must say we are overdue for a vacation! There is snorkeling right at the resort! We brought our own snorkeling equipment. If you rent, they don’t give you new mouth pieces which is gross!

So far my overall impression of Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Hotel is pretty good. Staying at the most expensive wing (Club Premium) of an All Inclusive resort gives you access to all the other hotels in the ‘complex’. It is nice to stay on the quieter, less rowdy side. And you still have the option to party!

Before booking our trip we did some homework on What’s the #1 hotel in Cancun? It is important to read reviews & find hotel deals on TripAdvisor! Although some people side this place wasn’t as good as before, we are having a great time!

Booking early and get up to 25% discount Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe Mexico!

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Every morning we get up and head to the buffet restaurant for breakfast. Our server always remembers how everyone takes their coffee. Has it ready when we arrive! I definitely like having someone make me a customized omelette every morning.

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If you are planning a wedding at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe, they have a beautiful gazebo. Our friend also had her reception dinner beach front. The beach wedding reception was very well organized and decorated with lights. There was open bar, DJ playing music and it was so relaxing! Can you believe we went snorkeling in the morning with the bride, sun tanned on the beach before the ceremony at the gazebo and reception? It was so relaxing and chill!

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Aside from that, the food in the restaurants were delicious. We tried Caribe, the French restaurant and had a nice buffet every morning! Service at the restaurants were really nice.

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There are so many things to do at an All Inclusive resort. Aside from massages, spa, variety shows, and water sports. You can also book yourself excursions – either tours or charter a private driver.

We are off to see Tulum and Coba Ruins. See you soon!

Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe
Barceló Hotels & Resorts

URL: http://www.barcelo.com
Barcelo Hotels

Carretera Chetumal – Puerto Juárez Km. 266.3, Solidaridad Riviera Maya, 77750 Xpuha, QROO, Mexico
+52 984 875 1500

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