Apres-Midi Teahouse, Vancouver (Gastown), Bloody Alley and Afternoon Tea

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Après-Midi Teahouse is located in Gastown tucked away inside Bloody Alley – beside Coffeebar, L’Abattoir, and Boneta. This little tea house boasts premium teas while providing a calm, relaxing environment to wash your day away.

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From the outside, it is very European, especially when you have old historic brick building surroundings. L’Abattoir is charming, and Haven is hip. Apres-Midi looked like a cute hideaway. We want to come here for some time now. I was extremely excited to have Friday off and finally some sun in the forecast.

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Apres-Midi is separated into 2 storeys – downstairs counter and bar, bench seats and an unlevelled mezzanine upstairs overlooking people mingling below. Downstairs is a brightly light, wooden tables to fit with the brick building. Upstairs carpeted area reminds me of a family living room. While debating whether to order the Jasmine $4.95 or the White Toffee Peony Latte $4.75, we were recommended the Jasmine because it was said to be fragrant and tasty.
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Jasmine Latte $4.75: I’m not sure whether I ordered a steamed milk or a Jasmine Latte. Floral tea flavours were missing. I could not smell the flowers blooming from my beverage. Rather than paying $5, this warm milk can boiled gently over low heat at home.

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Match Latte $4.95: It is milder when compared to the neighboring Coffeebar but it was water downed and the strong sense of the matcha flavour could not be found. There was too much foam and was pretty much bland. Oh, how I miss the one from Cafe Medina.

On side note, they did offer to make us another drink should we dislike the original. I’m a little skeptical when a remake is offered prior to consumption. Are they not confident in their drink preparation? Or they simply friendly and offering good customer services? Perhaps you can let me know next time you are here…


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We were given samples of their new lemon ginger tea. Verdict? Reminds me of the detergent at home. Lastly, the choice of music is very random. We have experienced Yoga Zen music, Chinese flute, Indie, Jazz, House and some other contemporary French artists. Please, choose something fitting to the environment for the love of God. The randomness was like they weren’t sure what their clientele was and wanted to cater to all.
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Après-Midi Teahouse
Cuisine: Tea House

1 Gaoler’s Mews, Vancouver, BC V6B 4K7
(604) 568-7887


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