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American Cheesesteak Company, Vancouver (Downtown)

American Cheesesteak Company



American Cheesesteak Company Vancouver opens late – like 3am late. This place located on Davie Street in Downtown Vancouver is heaven at those ungodly hours when clubs have just let out the high heels, short skirts and cologne musk of humans. The cheesesteak is quintessentially East Coast and draws in tourist and cultural obsession over the dripping, envelope pushing long crusty roll filled with thinly sliced sauteed ribeye beef and melted cheese. Despite the name, American Cheesesteak Company, it is by no means an American chain restaurant. It is Vancouver’s take on the Philadelphia tradition – the Philly Cheesesteak.



American Cheesesteak Company


THE BIG SHOT $13: shaved prime rib, sautéed forest mushrooms, crispy onions, truffle aioli and fontina cheese. Somehow the additional of truffle aioli makes the Philly only half the man he is today. I could be wrong, but at 2am after the ridiculously harmonic Eagles concert commandeered the mike to croon, nothing beats a mean cheesesteak and beer.



American Cheesesteak Company


ONION RINGS $4 S | $6 L : old-fashioned skinny lightly battered and not-so-greasy rings.


POUTINE $7 S | $9L: And the poutine that never made it to pixels was the cherry on top! Fries, house-made mushroom gravy, and cheese curds. Regular or Prime Rib. Get Prime Rib!


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American Cheesesteak Company Vancouver

781 Davie St Vancouver, BC V6Z 2S7
(604) 681-0130



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